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Hey lol

Did you redo this? I remember watching one of your parodies of their parodies but the first one just happened to be ALL WORDS or something like that. I came back to your profile to see if you deleted it but you didn't....or did you? Did you re-submit this or something?

It's pretty funny lol. One of the better cock jokes flashes to be honest.


I'm truly glad this was made back in 2000 LOL! If you would have animated this a bit further it would be a bit more ranked. It has picked up a substantial amount of views though. I onyl wish you would have put a bit more effort into this piece. I'm not saying it would be good but it would be better. Peace and piece.

Dont worry

AYB was stopped and destroyed many aeons ago. I like how you used an Asheron's Call sprite for this. That was a nice random treat. I use to play that game back in 2001 (when this Flash was made) as well. That very well could have been me! I was Garundim (sp) and if I recall he was wearing a "Matty Coat" aka Matekar Coat! Yay for flashback remnants of my past.

Oh my. The end of FFF?

well....it's been two and a half years since your last episode. To some . . . they may call this the last episode. Did you stop caring about your series? Drain too much out of you? Pity I really enjoyed it. I truly hope you make a new episode, ma nigz.

40oz on the curb for you and a 9/10

Homer Pimpson

Ahh, good old Kuro the Black Mage. He casts the spells to make the peoples fall down, you know! And he has a nice big blade too~!

Great addition to the evilness of this epic series. Keep up the great work. Errr...now if I could only male this 4 years ago to tell you to keep it up ...since the next and apparently last episode is upon me already! harharhar



Nice Dragon sprite. Very intimidating. The chase scene was a bit longer than I'd like and who knew a little Airship could take such a beating from the Hiryuu! lol


AWESOME! I have downloaded everyone of the FFF series, and I still believe Squaresoft should REALLY consider making this into a game of its own(with FF8-10 included as well) I do have one question though, the other two FF1 characters(the Red Wizard and the Master Black Belt) are you gonna include them in this story, or have they been left out completely?? Anyways, fantastic job on your movie!

Not bad

Pretty good. Not as great as your previous endeavors. You seem to have expanded your capabilities and showed us some 3D animation. I liked that. You're continually expanding the series.


With each installment I watch the more I love the series. The higher I rate and the more support I give this. Nice work here , fellas! I love the drawings and the voice acting. You really contributed new growth to the series! Hope to see more! Ciao 10

Perfect build up and storytelling

I love the way you ended this one. You built up the story real nice. The progression is nearly flawless. Perfect 10.

In reality maybe a 9.6 or so but 10 suits it much better than 9. Nice work.

If I could change anything (since it's fresh on my mind I guess) is a little tweak on the ending. It would have been a bit cleaner to have paused a bit more and let a smoother transition from getting the Phoenix Down to seeing Locke. To let the mood catch more momentum. Still near flawless though. Great work! 10/10

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