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Tom Fulp a father

I honestly looked at the title and was like...wouldn't that be funny if it was a Tankmen parody from when the sniper shoots that one guy after he gets a phone call from his father? I was right...it was!

The only problem was that the real line was "Not anymore....bitch!"

samsonloftin responds:

I know, but I wanted to just have Not Anymore, although it might have been a bit more humorous if I said Not anymore bitch, oh well.

Thanks for the review.

I haven't done a review in ages

I can't stress how utterly superior this flash is to the others of Clock Day (all 1337 of them? lol somehow I think that was planned j/k)

I love your unique spin of the Clock Crew. You really did take this to a new different level. The entire flash had a Tarantino Resevoir Dogs vibe to it. The music choice was perfect and created a fun vibe to it.

You frame by framed all the animation and anytime anyone does that requires a thumbs up, pat on the back. No one really takes the time to do that anymore.

I'm actually not a fan of the CC but this flash completely rocks. I've got a big question for you now though....did you copy this storyline off somewhere else / make a parody of another movie etc? If not it's really well scripted.

Munglai responds:

I came up with the story myself but I'm a big fan of that straight forward, cliched kind of story telling that you get in westerns and Grimm's fairy tales and that kind of thing so I wanted it to have that kind of vibe. The "twist" which people seem to like so much was pretty much just made up spontaneously after I had to cut the original story a bit short. I wasn't really intending it to be a twist at all.


Another good one, Frosty. Glad to see you're still Flashin'. Voice acting and sound quality was as great as always. Humor was pretty funny too. Copious amounts of swearing? Check! haha nice work You really should check out the Audio forum and check out the Voice Actors guild they have hear at Newgrounds. You could maybe do some voice acting for people.

Here's some feedback for you! You should add a thumbnail of a screenshot to your movies. I added one for your Final Fantasy Crime Drama Pt. 3 movie of Vivi in the "Make an icon for this!" button to the left of this comment box. The Fils size to this is pretty big (I guess an offhand trademark from your work). I think it may be the voices that increase the file size so much. Do you compress your sounds? That would greatly help with your file size if you set it to MP3 compression and change the kbps to like 50 and your size may go down a lot. You should make a blog post that Newgrounds gave to you in your Account settings. It looks like the Clique series is taking a break for now? Would be perfect to announce on a blog post. Check it out , man!

frostbytestudios responds:

Oh so it was you who did that for me? Thanks a lot for that, man. I just have a hard time doin stuff like that, so I just don't bother. But thanks a lot for all the info.

Nice Flash

Pretty cool looking movie. Your FAQ already answered most of my questions. I see this got a ton of views without being featured in a Zelda collection so the only thing I can really tell you is why it probably hasn't featured in the collection yet...I understand the one instance that Link might have been wearing a white tunic in the original NES version of Zelda (although I really can't remember what he wore in the Master Quest version since I played it when I was 5 or 6) but in every other game he was wearing , at least originally , a green tunic and his Pointy hat of awesomeness. It didn't quite feel like Zelda simply because of that and the people that control what goes in and what goes out of the Zelda collection may not have been too inspired to do so because of that one little thing. GanonDORF (Ganon was the Pig and 10x better than GanonDORF no matter what any rookies today say about it) looked a little skinny although still resembling a possible future ancestor of Ganondorf.

I swear if you were to do this with Link wearing his trade-mark green tunic there is no doubt in my mind this would be in the collection and have a 1st Place Award + Review Crew Pick + Weekly 1st because it was SUPERBLY made. I really wish I could have seen my favorite character in all his Green glory. Also, one last thing...what programs did you use to create the movie? Doesn't look like it was done primarily using Flash although it might have been re-conveyed using Flash? Hope to hear back from you soon.

Overall great job

LeviFolds responds:

I modeled the characters in Poser 4 then traced them in flash. The backgrounds were just 2D objects that I stretched and rotated to give the illusion of 3D.

I hear you on the green tunic and pointy had. This was just my idea for the modern day story. I'm the type where I like a change up once in awhile. A good example is Samus Aran - I'm sick of seeing all the fan art with her blonde hair. Stuff like hair and clothing color in some series can be changed up without greatly affecting the story, others have a larger impact depending on what one decided to change. I think Samus can have any color hair she wants, and I generally will look back to the original for the inspiration. Samus had three different colors of hair in Metroid and as I mentioned in the description, Link had a few different colors of hair as well. Looking back to the original, brown for hair and white for his end all quest, and this being "The Final Link" it seemed appropriate to give Link white clothing.

Anyways, its an opinion matter. I have no problem with personal preferences, I just get irritated when I see reviews insisting that I know nothing about the series because of the choices I made for the animation.

Wow 14k Views and not in colelection

It's only been half a year since this was submitted and it's gotten 14k views without an award or a collection addition. The flash itself wasn't too visually impressive although it made me chuckle a few times. haha

I support Indie artists. I'll suggest for collections!

CrispyZero responds:

Ta very much.


Awesome Flash. It's nice to see some oldschool Zelda II sprites being used. Keep up the good work.

Emanhattan responds:

again thanks


Glad you erased them. I guess being stuck in Flash Limbo bored the little guy. Well now he's dead :'(

I was on Youtube earlier as well and you Screen shot was pretty recent (as of this review date) and that "The Grouch - Artsy" submission you had a screen shot of got a total beat down flame from me for stealing other peoples ideas err. Off topic but hey it was in the Flash :P

Nice work. Hope this gets a good award. I'll give you a five to help you along! Power to the people!

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you :)...and I didn't even realize what was in the youtube shot


These kinds of Flashes are fun. At least he didn't beat up any Firefoxes or AOL Instant Messenger guys. Then we'd have to send him to Prison :(

Nice job.

cobra0528 responds:


I'm trying to not go into FFXI Withdrawls

The moogle was sooo cute :3 Awww, he's a cute little scheming bastard! Be nice to your Moogle or he'll accidently make you drop the million gil that the Auction House gives you for your FailSniper Rings.

You should have Hundred Fisted his ass!

ZeroX4 responds:

roflcakes; This is true, moogles can take all your valuables as hostages @_@
I would 2 hour, but then it could do one of two things: fly away because moogles are in fact diabolical dragons (hence the wings) in disguise, or one shot me because everyone knows their level is over 9000 and are the toughest creatures in the game; they can teleport around X_x

Needs to be Optomized

I think it was pretty good. You're new at Flash and I think this stuff is better than what most people that are new create so I give you a round of applause.

Somethings you could improve on:
Instead of skewing Mario to look to the left when he's looking to the right. You can go to > Modify > Transform > Flip to Horizontal and it flips mario the other way around.

Try to use the Optimization feature on your work to compress everything smaller. Compress audio and stuff. It will make the file from 10 megabytes to like 1 lol.

Nice job though. Could use a bit more work. Maybe you can create a story now instead of parodies? Like have a beginning middle and end and have the story progress to each one with time. I'd only do that once you learn how to get the file size lower by optimizing! Best of luck, nice work

MarioFlashMovies responds:

Yes, I working on a story and WTF is the Optimization feature?!

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