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Pimp Shit

Yeeeeeeaah!!! Awesome. I loved how Kaine totally shoved his spear in that guys face and obliterated him. Poor Cyan lol. People are dropping left and right!

I love how Black Mage didn't die from the Chocobo <3<3<3<3

I'm a huge fan of Black Mage...I even played one on FFXI. I'm a huge Thief fan as well. I can't wait to see my favorite jobs come back into the series! Hopefully, to kick some more ass.

Oy Hoy hoy hoy

This one seems to have the most story laden into the seams than the past two. I love the Ninja Gaiden for NES nod you had in this game (bit more than a nod but hey lol). Was smart of you to use Ninja Gaiden sprites on this one.

Ninjas doing battle....you can't rate anything but high for that. So interesting. I love how you added the Thief element to it too <3<3<3

Ahh, nicely done.

I liked your idea that you riffed on here. The intro was very dramatic. Although, the text box was a bit too cramped and hard to read. I realize that having that font ups the drama feeling but also made it a bit harder to read which , at some level, detracts from viewer pleasure.

Overall, I think this was maybe an 8.5 rounded up toa 9. It was very good and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I guess I go on to part II now to see more story unfold?

Nice work!!!

A better stick fighter clip

The animation was smooth and was Frame by Frame by the looks of it. The ambience and subtlety of the movie like the clouds , the glow and detail of the swords and the shadow/gradient used in the land itself gave off a slight reflected light shadow which makes this piece better than most stick fighters.

In classic stick fashion however...there was no story or plot. Straight into stickmen fighting pointlessly to the death and ,for me, is why I give this piece an 8.

Here here!

Quite a decent movie. The sprites, backgrounds and text are all beautiful. The only thing wrong with the graphics is the spell effects when Ashley casts the spell and Gamma attacks. Otherwise, you should consider making it more interactive and putting it up as an original game!


I remember hearing this song for the first time...it was one of the last few days of my Senior year in Highschool....hot summer weather on the brim and sad memories on the top of my mind. I couldn't help feeling all that again from the song lol

Interesting FF Spoof is all I can say! haha

Nice work!!!

This is great! Your story was awesome. Fighting awesome. The only critique I could give you is that the intro was a bit random style. It didn't transition well from hitting the Play button to realizing why there are soldiers there and the town destroyed etc. Other than that I still give this a perfect 10!


This felt like it could have been an entire movie in itself with the way you presented the script. Although, it felt like you took a single scene out of that movie and gave it to us. It feels as if it started out of nowhere and ended out of nowhere. I believe a smoother beginning and ending would have enhanced the quality of this Flash tenfold. It's still a 6 though. I like how Rosa used wtflolStatus enhancement Magic on Cecil! I mean......NO one used those! Omg poor Cecils.


Halo mixed with FF? lol nice :)

8 out of 10 my brotha. I'll give you a 5 vote too! Have a good one!

Over 7 and a half years ago

Hopefully, you've improved your Flash techniques and skills in the passing time as you said you in the flash.

The sound quality you used for your Flash was actually really nice. You managed to keep the file size low and still employ good quality sound. Anyway, hats off to ya. Hope you improved , sensei!

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