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Was this a Barry reference from RE1? I always joked around with my friend that it takes 3 shots for Barry using a Colt Python to explode a zombies head. Nice :)

I'm glad someone made a spoof of that specifically!

Not bad

I have to say the best part of the Flash was at the very end when the words "Screw the Shotgun" came into focus :D.

Damn, Male RE Characters always trying to get their shotgun out. You don't see the girls taking out their Grenade Launcher trying to act all tough. Damn male egotism.


Awesome Flash. It's nice to see some oldschool Zelda II sprites being used. Keep up the good work.

Emanhattan responds:

again thanks


It had its good and its bad. Some things left me chuckling like Wesker's mad acting skillz. Some things left a blank stare on my face. It's about 50/50 for me but I think the Flash deserve about a 7. Some of the drawings were really nice and I like how you rotated the mansion and drew all sides of it. Same with the chopper.

Random Humor :/

Your drawings were very well done and you made Wesker actually look pretty good. Although, I'm not a huge fan of Random style humor as it get's real zany sometimes. Overall, not bad Flash.

Favorite part was when Wesker says, "We lost communications with Block because he's dead. And let's split up so we can each die faster" lol


I really do <3 Razoric a ton. Although, I do believe this wasn't his best work. I love the idea of Mixin Mario with Resident Evil. This was created a very long time ago so I'll give much forgiveness due to the boon in technology and megabyte submission allowance etc.

My favorite scene hands down has to be the PEANUT BUTTER JELLY scene LOL. Ahh, good old PB&J banana man! Not bad job guys.

Love it

Nice Frame by Frame animation there, buddy. One thing that was probably overlooked (you tell me) is the crinkles in the paper on each frame that gave it almost a background. The subtle effect it has on our eyes made it look really really cool.

Nice work there :D How long did it take?


Glad you erased them. I guess being stuck in Flash Limbo bored the little guy. Well now he's dead :'(

I was on Youtube earlier as well and you Screen shot was pretty recent (as of this review date) and that "The Grouch - Artsy" submission you had a screen shot of got a total beat down flame from me for stealing other peoples ideas err. Off topic but hey it was in the Flash :P

Nice work. Hope this gets a good award. I'll give you a five to help you along! Power to the people!

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you :)...and I didn't even realize what was in the youtube shot


These kinds of Flashes are fun. At least he didn't beat up any Firefoxes or AOL Instant Messenger guys. Then we'd have to send him to Prison :(

Nice job.

cobra0528 responds:


Interesting lol

The drawings were nice. You don't see that kind of visuals on Flash very often. Very fun interesting flash you have here. Gave me more than a few chuckles. Nice work and sorry to hear about the first part of this sequel being pirated to youtube. You have my deepest sympathies for that guy taking the credit. Nice work though.

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