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End was kinda entertaining

I can't believe someone made something like this lol. Ash Catchem evolved into Gary Coleman. And then Gary Coleman and George Foreman had a Black on Black crime. Twas a sad day for Blacks all around the world. Let Black on Black Crime stop. I agree with killing Ronald McDonald though.

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Coolin' like a fool'in

Good voice acting in this one. Mostly just screen shots but it was done in a very professional manner. Nice work

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Hmm kinda confusing

Your drawings were pretty good. The story was kinda confusing especially after people started getting shot. You put good time and effort into this though so I'll give you an eight.

lol Ooooooooh boy....

That was short and sweet. There wasn't much detail in the back and foreground but the character tweens , mouth movements and general amount of work placed in Williams character and jokes make up for it lol. I laughed when he disintegrated.

Wow 14k Views and not in colelection

It's only been half a year since this was submitted and it's gotten 14k views without an award or a collection addition. The flash itself wasn't too visually impressive although it made me chuckle a few times. haha

I support Indie artists. I'll suggest for collections!

CrispyZero responds:

Ta very much.


Was this a Barry reference from RE1? I always joked around with my friend that it takes 3 shots for Barry using a Colt Python to explode a zombies head. Nice :)

I'm glad someone made a spoof of that specifically!

Not bad

I have to say the best part of the Flash was at the very end when the words "Screw the Shotgun" came into focus :D.

Damn, Male RE Characters always trying to get their shotgun out. You don't see the girls taking out their Grenade Launcher trying to act all tough. Damn male egotism.

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Link dancing scene was the best scene in the entire flash lol. You animated him pretty funny there.

Link having sex with Zelda before he rescued Hyrule was just a pre-payment of what he would have gotten afterwards. I guess in that theory it's not such a bad thing afterall?

Emanhattan responds:

yes but zelda must stay celibate


Awesome Flash. It's nice to see some oldschool Zelda II sprites being used. Keep up the good work.

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Emanhattan responds:

again thanks


It had its good and its bad. Some things left me chuckling like Wesker's mad acting skillz. Some things left a blank stare on my face. It's about 50/50 for me but I think the Flash deserve about a 7. Some of the drawings were really nice and I like how you rotated the mansion and drew all sides of it. Same with the chopper.

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