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RE2 was legendary to me

I use to love Kendo and his Gunshop. Nice switcharoo on his voices there :) Your drawings were excellent. Very nice job :D


I laughed multiple times through out the Flash. One of the funnier styled flashes of RE I've seen in a long time. Keep up the great work. I love all the senseless acts of violence and egg throwing in this Flash 10 out of 10!


Best line of the entire Flash lol. Very funny styled humor. Felt like Egoraptor style in all his awesomness...except with Resident Evil D:

Nice work. Perfect 10. Great drawings too btw!

I'm trying to not go into FFXI Withdrawls

The moogle was sooo cute :3 Awww, he's a cute little scheming bastard! Be nice to your Moogle or he'll accidently make you drop the million gil that the Auction House gives you for your FailSniper Rings.

You should have Hundred Fisted his ass!

ZeroX4 responds:

roflcakes; This is true, moogles can take all your valuables as hostages @_@
I would 2 hour, but then it could do one of two things: fly away because moogles are in fact diabolical dragons (hence the wings) in disguise, or one shot me because everyone knows their level is over 9000 and are the toughest creatures in the game; they can teleport around X_x

Very funny flash

Very funny flash what can I say. I liked it when Tifas humungous breats made her fall down. That's what should have happened in the game...they were just way too huge...Damn japs! lol

Great flash...fun awesome humor

ooooh nice

Drawings were pretty good. I loved the 1337anator! He rocked and even felt like a true FF Summon cutscene in all it's LOL glory.

Great flash. Hope to see more from you. 10/10

Pretty good but too small

This flash was definitely an 8 for me. If it weren't so small this Flash could totally take over the world. One Omnislash at a time.


Lots of humor value in this Flash. The drawings are poor but to me...that enhanced the humor lol. I recommend this flash for a chuckle or two.


That was awsome! I loved the first one and had watched it many times, and still laughed everytime. This one was better but way to short...I hope you are actually making a sequal because now I can't wait!!

Ahh, too bad no front page

This was very funny. I loved this little bit. One of the Sprite animation Flashes that are actually good. The humor was actually pretty witty. Gotta love how Ganondorf tried to wipe the slate clean and start a good clean business and Link still mindlessly killed him! LOL

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