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So many subtle cool thinks about this Flash you lightly touched upon which gave it the maximum affect. . . You know you really did a great job at Leons voice when he's yelling...I swear there is a tiny aspect that sounds just like him. The ending was pretty clever too lol. Noice.

Nice Flash

Pretty cool looking movie. Your FAQ already answered most of my questions. I see this got a ton of views without being featured in a Zelda collection so the only thing I can really tell you is why it probably hasn't featured in the collection yet...I understand the one instance that Link might have been wearing a white tunic in the original NES version of Zelda (although I really can't remember what he wore in the Master Quest version since I played it when I was 5 or 6) but in every other game he was wearing , at least originally , a green tunic and his Pointy hat of awesomeness. It didn't quite feel like Zelda simply because of that and the people that control what goes in and what goes out of the Zelda collection may not have been too inspired to do so because of that one little thing. GanonDORF (Ganon was the Pig and 10x better than GanonDORF no matter what any rookies today say about it) looked a little skinny although still resembling a possible future ancestor of Ganondorf.

I swear if you were to do this with Link wearing his trade-mark green tunic there is no doubt in my mind this would be in the collection and have a 1st Place Award + Review Crew Pick + Weekly 1st because it was SUPERBLY made. I really wish I could have seen my favorite character in all his Green glory. Also, one last thing...what programs did you use to create the movie? Doesn't look like it was done primarily using Flash although it might have been re-conveyed using Flash? Hope to hear back from you soon.

Overall great job

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LeviFolds responds:

I modeled the characters in Poser 4 then traced them in flash. The backgrounds were just 2D objects that I stretched and rotated to give the illusion of 3D.

I hear you on the green tunic and pointy had. This was just my idea for the modern day story. I'm the type where I like a change up once in awhile. A good example is Samus Aran - I'm sick of seeing all the fan art with her blonde hair. Stuff like hair and clothing color in some series can be changed up without greatly affecting the story, others have a larger impact depending on what one decided to change. I think Samus can have any color hair she wants, and I generally will look back to the original for the inspiration. Samus had three different colors of hair in Metroid and as I mentioned in the description, Link had a few different colors of hair as well. Looking back to the original, brown for hair and white for his end all quest, and this being "The Final Link" it seemed appropriate to give Link white clothing.

Anyways, its an opinion matter. I have no problem with personal preferences, I just get irritated when I see reviews insisting that I know nothing about the series because of the choices I made for the animation.


indeed without a doubt my favorite flash on newgrounds since ive seen it months ago. keep at it dude youve got support enough and ill be in the ranks to keep it alive for good. i wont let this or any other of your works get blamed. there all too good.

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Err Well now!

Interesting flash we have here...! Some of the drawings were pretty good and some needed a bit more work. I would have put a bit more time before submitting this one but maybe that's the effect you ewre going for lol. The "Wtf" effect. Fred Flinstone agrees!

Well now

There's a number of reasons why I could hate this Flash and there's also a number of reasons why I could love this Flash. I chose to love :)

First of all. I'd work on your voice acting man lol. If you're gonna talk louder I'd talk louder...yell if you're gonna yell etc. Some of the parts were hit or miss. I laughed pretty hard when Is aw that zombie having sex with Kenneths dead body LOL. I didn't see that coming...I figured . . . Oh ....RE Parody...here it comes...zombie eating Kenneth time. But you switched it around ina funny way. The Hentai picture on the wall gave me a chuckle too.

And yes. You get a 10 simply for all the Pamela Anderson pics (from 10 years ago thank god) when she was really really smoking hot! 10 +5 you go ,good sir.

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Well...the humor was funny. I loved how the zombie got shot at the end haha. Also...I'm not sure why Michael Jackson was in there....either because he made his biggest hit single "Thriller" with zombies in their music video...or cus he just straight up LOOKS like one haha

Nice job yo


Well...I thought it was funny how the Planters nuts guy was on his T-Shirt. I was like omg...that could totally be on TV. Seemed like a top notch idea. Only thing I would comment on is better execution....drawings etc.

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Well now....the flash was way too short again....I was so curious to see who beavis turned into. I'd rather it have been Butthead again lol


Little bit short, my good man.

I predict...that Beavis will turn into Butthead or something...right? lol You got me wanting to know now :( I have to watch part II

Not bad

Way short but you made a great point. In Resident Evil they always pick up the weird things that would seem like something you'd not look at twice and have it be like the activation statue model jewels lego part or something. lol.

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