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Err Well now!

Interesting flash we have here...! Some of the drawings were pretty good and some needed a bit more work. I would have put a bit more time before submitting this one but maybe that's the effect you ewre going for lol. The "Wtf" effect. Fred Flinstone agrees!

Well now

There's a number of reasons why I could hate this Flash and there's also a number of reasons why I could love this Flash. I chose to love :)

First of all. I'd work on your voice acting man lol. If you're gonna talk louder I'd talk louder...yell if you're gonna yell etc. Some of the parts were hit or miss. I laughed pretty hard when Is aw that zombie having sex with Kenneths dead body LOL. I didn't see that coming...I figured . . . Oh ....RE Parody...here it comes...zombie eating Kenneth time. But you switched it around ina funny way. The Hentai picture on the wall gave me a chuckle too.

And yes. You get a 10 simply for all the Pamela Anderson pics (from 10 years ago thank god) when she was really really smoking hot! 10 +5 you go ,good sir.


Well...the humor was funny. I loved how the zombie got shot at the end haha. Also...I'm not sure why Michael Jackson was in there....either because he made his biggest hit single "Thriller" with zombies in their music video...or cus he just straight up LOOKS like one haha

Nice job yo


Well...I thought it was funny how the Planters nuts guy was on his T-Shirt. I was like omg...that could totally be on TV. Seemed like a top notch idea. Only thing I would comment on is better execution....drawings etc.


Little bit short, my good man.

I predict...that Beavis will turn into Butthead or something...right? lol You got me wanting to know now :( I have to watch part II

Not bad

Way short but you made a great point. In Resident Evil they always pick up the weird things that would seem like something you'd not look at twice and have it be like the activation statue model jewels lego part or something. lol.

End was kinda entertaining

I can't believe someone made something like this lol. Ash Catchem evolved into Gary Coleman. And then Gary Coleman and George Foreman had a Black on Black crime. Twas a sad day for Blacks all around the world. Let Black on Black Crime stop. I agree with killing Ronald McDonald though.

Coolin' like a fool'in

Good voice acting in this one. Mostly just screen shots but it was done in a very professional manner. Nice work

lol Ooooooooh boy....

That was short and sweet. There wasn't much detail in the back and foreground but the character tweens , mouth movements and general amount of work placed in Williams character and jokes make up for it lol. I laughed when he disintegrated.

Wow 14k Views and not in colelection

It's only been half a year since this was submitted and it's gotten 14k views without an award or a collection addition. The flash itself wasn't too visually impressive although it made me chuckle a few times. haha

I support Indie artists. I'll suggest for collections!

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Ta very much.

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