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Another good one, Frosty. Glad to see you're still Flashin'. Voice acting and sound quality was as great as always. Humor was pretty funny too. Copious amounts of swearing? Check! haha nice work You really should check out the Audio forum and check out the Voice Actors guild they have hear at Newgrounds. You could maybe do some voice acting for people.

Here's some feedback for you! You should add a thumbnail of a screenshot to your movies. I added one for your Final Fantasy Crime Drama Pt. 3 movie of Vivi in the "Make an icon for this!" button to the left of this comment box. The Fils size to this is pretty big (I guess an offhand trademark from your work). I think it may be the voices that increase the file size so much. Do you compress your sounds? That would greatly help with your file size if you set it to MP3 compression and change the kbps to like 50 and your size may go down a lot. You should make a blog post that Newgrounds gave to you in your Account settings. It looks like the Clique series is taking a break for now? Would be perfect to announce on a blog post. Check it out , man!

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frostbytestudios responds:

Oh so it was you who did that for me? Thanks a lot for that, man. I just have a hard time doin stuff like that, so I just don't bother. But thanks a lot for all the info.


Very funny and outragous. I was totally taken aback from the Title and the Picture Icon. I thought it wouldn't have been good. I'm glad I checked it out because it was awesome. Keep up the great work and congrats on daily 1st and front page, nigz.

Resident Chorno

Not bad. You said in your author comment you made it in your spare time so I won't hold you into account too hard. Could have used a bit more content inside of it though. More scenes etc. Maybe a bit more story.

I think it was ok although much room for improvement Good sir!


A pretty good effort for a Flash done in 2000 with the limited Megabyte size Newgrounds had for submissions back then. I give you credit for what you were given to work with and all the advancements in Technology and Newgrounds right than back in 2000.

I don't think your mouse-drawings were too bad either. Could have used more animation however. If you still read these I salute your effort. PEACE.

Not bad

You put a lot of effort into the drawings although it felt a bit sharp and pixelated toward the end of each edge of color in your drawings. It was overall a decent remake of the remake lol. The only problem I see in this Flash is the voice acting and choice of monologue. The monologue seemed a bit sketchy and could have been polished up to be more professional sounding. Certain words put together don't sound well while certain words together do , etc.

Anyway, nice work with the Flash. It's too bad you didn't make the sequel although I'm gonna go try out your Collab game you created with your coder.

Not bad

Heeeeey, Ecw! Pretty decent first flash. It's better than most peoples first flashes for sure! You had a lot of good elements in it like sound effects and you had pretty simple yet niecly detailed backgrounds in its own right.

There are two things that I could help you instantly make this Flash better. First thing would have been to compress your sounds in the Publish page in Flash Ctrl+Shift+F12 . Click the Flash sub-menu and toward the bottom where it says Audio Stream and Audio Event....personally I just change both of them to lower settings but not sure if both are necessary. Turn the compression to MP3 , the kbps to 24 or so (more is better quality in sound...more memory and less is lower quality in sound...much much less memory). 24 kbps sounds pretty normal but you can tinker with that. Set the Stereo type to Mono and that should make your file size lower and make this Flash more viewable to more people etc (at least that's what I think made the File size so big, heh)

Lastly, add a Stop Action command inside the very last frame of the flash so the movie stops playing and doesn't loop. I don't know the exact way to make the Stop command in text...since I use Script Assist on ActionScript 2.0 and it types it in for me :/

You may already know some of this but just makin' sure ^,-
Pretty cool Flash and I give you a 10 and a 5 since you're a bud.

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ecwrulesbad responds:

Okay, ur review is really helpful and btw I finally added a stop motion ^_^ thx for dat! Well I bet the stop action should work, if not, I'll look for some codes


I can see a tremendous amount of work went into this. A lot of great drawings and it seemed like a lot of Frame by Frame going on too. This is one of the better Zelda flicks I've seen on Newgrounds and deserves much more praise than it may be getting! I'm voting 5 and giving your Review a 10 in hopes to bolster the score from 7.6 up to the 9.0s where it DESERVES to be. It's way too bad you didn't finish as this was your last Flash you created by viewing your User Page back in 2005. Anyway, I'm glad it won a spot in the Zelda collection. It totally deserves it. Hopefully, you make the ending of it as a lot of this was superb.

The only problem I can see was that some of the drawings could have been smoothened a bit. Very minor problem...might have caused slower computers to have digital constipation. Very nice work however. You are teh r0x and i wuv j00.

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Great dancing skills there Mario! I'm not a huge rap fan but this stuff sounded pretty fun and good. You did a great job overall and the ending was spontaneous and came out of left field lol. Nice work!

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Oh wow

This is one of the best Mario flashes I've ever seen. The drawings were amazing. Animation was superb. The fight sequences were actually interesting to watch. Only one question...what did the Flash have to do with communism? It looked like a great new styled beat-em-up flash style.

Truly nice work.

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Best Movie EVER

This was up to par with Johnny Utahs flashes. There were so many funny parts in here this may be the funniest Flash I've seen all week.

My favorite part was when that one guys like ..."Damnit THIS IS WAR. You're suppose to kill them like this." and he mangles the fuck out of that one guy then blasts him in the head lol. Nice.

Nice job Pikanjo....I don't care what Piconjo says about you. You're an alright dude.

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