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Halo mixed with FF? lol nice :)

8 out of 10 my brotha. I'll give you a 5 vote too! Have a good one!

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Over 7 and a half years ago

Hopefully, you've improved your Flash techniques and skills in the passing time as you said you in the flash.

The sound quality you used for your Flash was actually really nice. You managed to keep the file size low and still employ good quality sound. Anyway, hats off to ya. Hope you improved , sensei!

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Questionable content. I wish Mickey Mouse would have hit you with something more Disney like.

I loved how you called him an American Animated bastard lol. That put a smile on my face....American animation is just not up to par with say...Japanese animation.

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Yo Rob

I love your stuff man. You're a Newgrounds Legend. I wish you'd make more flashes.

I totally agree with the subtle nuance that you pointed out in your flash. Main characters just take what they want whenever they want and no one seems to care lol. Great flash. Make more, k? thx bye!

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Final fantasy XI withdrawls...help....me......plz.

CLEARLY you have played FFXI and there is so much subtle humor you used from that game. I'm trying to stay sober man :(

I'm trying not to break down in tears and whip out my black mage to endlessly level and merit him. Please...linear Final Fantasies...only! Guhh hehehehe

Great multi endings. Although, this sequel was a bit erratic and had trouble with transitioning from one thing to the next is the only critique I really have for yeah. Other than that solid flash man. Glad you came back to make a new flash!

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Sweet Sauce

These are one of the flashes I remembered watching from the FF Collection maybe 5 years ago!!! I'm so glad I'm taking a trip down memory lane watching all these awesome flashes once again. This one is particularly good. <3<3<3 I hope you still watch these reviews cus I heart j00 :) Nice job!

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Not bad

Your drawings were pretty good. I liked the way you had mini-games and mini-game preloaders and such. Although, the flash itself ran a bit slow...maybe it was my computer or maybe the frames per second. Overall pretty nice flash.

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Which playboy edition was that? lol That girl was mad hot. I zoomed in :D Hmm...
The voice acting could have used a bit more work and the sound quality as well.

Not bad flash. I really <3 Playboy girl

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I liked the interactivity

I really wanted to see those imps die though :/

I'm glad Black Mage randomly got a win in there lol. Black Mage owns big time :D


Muuuuuuch nicer. Wow. I just reviewed your FF3 Tribute and I totally just got what I wanted. I really enjoyed myself. Great drawings. I love how everyone had their own little 15 minutes of fame in this one too. Great music and again...great drawings. Seriously! Nice work!

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