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Not bad

Voice acting could use a lot of work. The drawings however were very good and you used the gradient tool very nicely and did not over use it. The bomb outside that ate the chocobo made me lol.


This one was much better drawn than the last and the humor was on par with the previous one as well. All said, it was an interesting side look at the FF universe, but it could use a little work. The graphics are still good, being that this is only your second movie. The last one was general humor, but in this movie as well as the third, I can see the satire of popular toys and people. The satire is well placed but I still dont think it belongs. Overall a good movie, keep owrking at it!


I love it! Damn, I hate physics though. Cactaur reminds me of someone I know....okay a lot of people I know...okay all of my friends..including me.........................anyway great flash! Your flashes always crack me up and I end up watching them over, and over, and over again and I lol everytime.


Well drawn. Great voice acting. Nice music. Heat felt moment of something I may never truly understand for a longtime: death of a loved one.

Nice work

Pretty Sweet Drawings

I wish I could draw as well as you do. real nice flash. I drew so much inspiration from it. Keep up the good work for Newgrounds modding and flashing ;D

Heroin bear made me laugh

Good frame by frame animation. The heroin bear made me chuckle. I love the way his eyes were bloodshot and he was in a dark alley with a shaky arm. He did that while managing to look o-so-cute!


I'm gonna give this to one of my friends who can handle some of the language in this Flash next Valentines. Will always be good! Nice work...Fagatron!

omg you soiled their virgin eyes!

Very simplistic flash and gets the point across in only 50 kilobytes. Now THAT'S impressive! Nice work. I would have loved to see what you could have done if you made the flash more animated and LONGER! Cool beans.

Brings back memories

This entire clip brings back memories of a long ass time ago doesn't it? Man, I'm starting to feel old. Been already 8 years since the wazzup craze? Could have used a bit more animation. Although, you brought back some fond memories so nice work.

I'm glad 2PacDied

Rappers bring it on themselves with their fake tough guy act. I'm glad those two guys died. You did a great job with drawing their pictures. Also, the cheetos bit was amusing. I busted a smirk when I saw his cheesy fingers! I always figured MR . T was behind it.

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