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Sooooooo funny

This is the reason why I come to Newgrounds!!

Favorite Video Games + Humor = OWNAGE

Your fast-pace humor , sharp wit, and funny as hell drawings kicked asssss. You rock, Ego!


Story wasn't that good. The animation and effect were beautiful. This video is over 10 Megs. So I guess Tom himself gave you the OK to release it. hehe.

If you would have put a bit more background story into the mix it would have been much better. Have a great Saturday!

rtil responds:

teh legend of zelda

I'm in Awe

Beautifully drawn movie. I'm jealous! There was no Sound but it still rocked with just background music!

Anyone else think it was a little weird how Aladin beat up the two guards of the Princess and somehow she came with him after that? If I was part of a Royal family and I was wandering around the poor streets of my Kingdom...if anyone beat the shit outta my two guards that are suppose to protect me and then CHARGES up to me...I'd be wimpering on the floor to not DIE lol but how romantic :P

Such a good movie. The shadows and gradients REALLY KICKED ASS.
P.S. Don't follow poor people or you'll die in an alley.


The author of this Flash met Weird Al because of this video. That's nuts. Best regards to meeting the AL.


It's hard to see the things on the bathroom stalls because sometimes it moves a bit too fast. Some of them were funny some left me baffled. I commend your creativity.

So good!

I think this can make a daily award. You have great drawing skillz, yo. Keep it up!

liable-to-explode responds:

I would like it too... Thanks for the review.

Pretty cool

Is this the original Animator vs Animation? I've seen a few like these but none of them had over a million views. There are some pretty good ones in the portal I've seen like this with other animation gladiators. Anyway, this one was pretty interesting. I loved the AIM convo. That was creative to me. So was fighting the AIM guy and Firefox lol. Nice work.

Ehh...it's decent

Not as much fun as the previous ones...but all good series goes to a decline at some point. The novelty runs out ever so slowly. Still very good though. I'm a bigger fan of your TTA series before you became all big and popular for your Mario RPG and Parody Rangers Flashes :(

Don't ever forget where you came from: TTA!!!

Here's a solid 8. Keep up the solid work, Kirbo.

Wow, this is crazy good

I was laughing my ass off at the jokes and voice acting. Feckin' Gaylord (lol) Your characters and scenery looks professionally made. I'm gonna buy a Flash 8 kit very soon and was wondering how the hell you drew it so well with such outrageous detail. I've fooled around with Flash before and it's way too hard doing all that. Most newbs I see settle for stick figures...


I thought this was gonna be some lousy black and white stick film. Love your twist!

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