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Its Ok

I loved your drawings. You made them so real to the actual things. I hope you didn't trace them! As for humor...it felt a bit off. Some of it put this on my face :) , some put one of these on my faces :/

I'll rate 8 and vote 4. This flash is crunk foshizzle.

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Years without a Review so here you go!

Not sure if you stlil check these but I saw your name under a LegendaryFrog review in one of his videos and you mentioned something about making a Final Fantasy Tactics Flash. I'm disappointed to see that you didn't make one but this Flash was pretty sweet.

You had awesome drawings. Simple yet detailed! Very nice. I'm learning how to create Flash and I really love your drawing style. I'm looking at other Flash artists to get better at improving my own drawing ability from stick figures to something more pleasing to the eye. I was observing your drawings and there's so much I liked about them.

As for your gradient fills....I realize you love to use gradients a bit more than most people. Most of the time when I see Flash artists use Gradient fills as much as you....it turns out to be obnoxious as it's not a subtle thing. You used your gradients very subtly and it really had a profound effect on the way everything looked like.

As for the Flash itself...there FEELS like there is so much meaning to every scene. I don't think I'll ever fully know what this Flash is truly about in every scene, but I kind of like that. You leave a lot up to the imagination and you don't give it all away.

All in all, I'll give you a 10 for this Flash and a review that has not graced this forgotten and drowned away Flash in over 3 and a half years. Good work, I'll be adding it to my favorites and I'll check your other submissions at a later date. Nice job!

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A Classic

This has been on my favorites list for a few years now....and I realize I never left a review for it. I use to be a hardcore Resident Evil: Outbreak player (the real game) and the sequel to that Resident Evil: File #2. I had made some unbeatable rankings in the game (literally) and was so into it. This movie totally kicks ass albeit very little like Online play. This still is one of the most funny and creative flashes I've seen to this day and warms my sick twisted little zombie killing heart.

I am not sure if you stil read these Reviews, Razoric, but have you ever played Resident Evil: Outbreak? Did you have a Username? Hopefully, you read this. Great video once more. 10/10 5/5

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April Fools @ the front page Lawl

Nice classic. Not a whole lot of Britney bashing going on these days like there use to be. At the height of her "I wish she would die" notoriety. Now we're in the "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" era. Sad days indeed. Thank you for the trip back to memory lane, Tom Fulp.

Great Flash btw for something made so long ago. 10 +5

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Thanks for the help

Your flash was a bit crude in content BUT it helped me to be able to add audio into my first flash (which is getting blammed as we speak :D )

Anyway, thanks.

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Looks up?

Wait hold on.............I'll get to this message in just a second.....not done...looking up. Gimme a moment.

Fun flash. Fun music. Fun sub-message = People are Sheeple

Nice flash, grats on Front Page.

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Ackbar...funny name. What exactly IS Ackbar anyway? Everytime I open one of these videos it makes me laugh just looking at the guy LOL. In a good way ^^

Jason, care to give a short explanation of what Ackbar is?

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I couldn't stop myself from laughing. I TRIED, GOD. I TRIED!!!

I like your disclaimer you rightfully put up front on your comment box, lol. This Flash was a work of twisted Genius. After the Fetus Man went back into his mother's womb...I realized something. You were defenitely trying to piss off as wide of an audience as you could, LOL. Funny. It's cool though :D

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Sesame Street Parody?

First of all..."What's up fucking bitches. I'm GUITAR HERO" equal lawl.

Is this a parody of Sesame Street? Also, what did Drugs have to do with it lol. I thought I was gonna see Oscar the Grouch shoot up heroin or something. It was pretty funny and well drawn out....for the most part lol

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Death came for Slash twice!

but he beat the shit out of him. Lawlz. Great. Nice drawing and jokes. If you ask me the chick should seek serious serious mental help...not for disliking cool bands and liking crappy ones but for seeing and arguing with 6 inch tall mexican guys that play guitar on alarm clocks. Lawl! Nice flash and grats on 2nd place award

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