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This....is the most awesome thing......ev4r...omg

I haven't watched this video in years...I never thought it would get this popular. It's weird how I like it more 5-6 years later than when I first watched it. Sheepism? MAYBE. Awesome? DEFINATELY! Good job on this crazy ass video.

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Review kinda

Your first video went Platinum 15x nearly. In my opinion...weird crazy internet sensational videos like that should stay a one-video thing...usually when people try re-create weird things like that it's a flop. I'm not sure what you consider this however. I'm not even really sure what I consider this in terms of views. The only thing I know is that this one wasn't as good. I still give you all 10s however. Cheers.

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Very sweet animations

You did a great job on everything. The animation was flawless. Voice acting was great. Not many jokes but the rest kept me interested perfectly. Great job.

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So-so but could have been much better

I love Metal Slug personally and I think that the fact that you used those specific sprites kicks ass. It felt a little dry however. A better build up would have been nicer. If you ever happen to touch it up a bit I'd re-watch for whatever that's worth, hehe. Good job and keep improving! :)

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There are 3 Million Views for a Reason!

I always loved this Flash....I came back after not watching it for a few years and it is still just as great. The amount of detail in the environment is uncanny. Great work you guys.

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Too lazy to rate all 6 movies individually but :)

I just watched all 6 videos and they're all AWESOME. I think these are top-notch Flash videos. I don't doubt why they all received Front Page awards and all that. Very good work. I'm learning how to make flash myself and I hope I can be as good as you one day. Good job, keep it up.

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I don't really like the song but the funny thing is that I will probably be humming it over and over all day long. I'm not really sure what the video is about as I'm too lazy to read the Topic in the Forum about it. Although, some of the animations looked great and I can tell a lot of work went into making this. Good job to the millions of people that made this happen.

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Very funny sequal

Very funny sequal. Usually sequals suck but this one was hilarious. I'd have to generically say "Keep up the good work!" :)

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