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Hello my name is teh 0ddler

Might as well have just called this "Brawl Taunts 3"....cus that was a WHOLE lot of Brawl references.

Kirby can't beat Metaknight...he's too broken.

Tom Fulp a father

I honestly looked at the title and was like...wouldn't that be funny if it was a Tankmen parody from when the sniper shoots that one guy after he gets a phone call from his father? I was right...it was!

The only problem was that the real line was "Not anymore....bitch!"

samsonloftin responds:

I know, but I wanted to just have Not Anymore, although it might have been a bit more humorous if I said Not anymore bitch, oh well.

Thanks for the review.

Review for Super Mario Bros Z Ep. 7

Well, Mr. Alvin. You certainly did take your sweet time making this. 16 months? That's pretty crazy. Anyway, I'm going to give you the pros and cons about this Flash. From what I remember as best as I can.


-Seeing part of this Flash on Youtube did sadly detract from the overall feeling for maybe... half the Flash before the better taste of new content re-imerged from my mouth.

-Spacebar pressing turned annoying at a moderate pace....since this Flash took like 30+ minutes or so for me to watch it took it's toll. I realize having it auto-scroll is also a pain for people that don't read fast (me) and is probably the better choice but still in the realm of "Ouch"

-Some of the humor I felt wasn't needed in the Flash because it was a bad choice such as the beginning of the Flash where Kamek uses the Yosemite Sam voice clip" Rackum sackum etc" --- This however was minor and not the biggest of deals although it felt less like Mario Bros Z as it was pulling jokes from too far in the realm of everything that exists. Minor though again.

- I would have definitely left out the voice acting and bleeping from the Goomba & Koopa. It really detracted from the feel and flavor of the Flash.

-The big nasty one was when you did the OVER 9000 joke again. As the Goomba was only setting it up when she pulled out her book...I was shaking my head....shook my head further as it happened since it was used twice in your series...then when you drew further attention saying that it was used twice was like putting lemon juice on a freshly made sore. Could have done without that one, Mr. Earthworm.

-Since this flash is many months of what people would call "over-due" I felt the feeling of the 7th installment really wither down and my emotions didn't welcome it as warmly as if it were only a couple months prior to SMB6. (I did do a double-take when I saw this title and your name as author of the Flash...actually in realism I probably had to check 4 times...I'm not exagerating)

-I wasn't thrilled with how the characters left Minus World. I thought it was waaaaay too random and it seemed like you got lazy on that part and went with anything.


- I feel the length of this flick was a good one. After not being with an episode of SMBZ for so long I would hate a lengthy episode that was a more normal medium sized. It just wouldn't feel right. I think this episode is a good length to stop at for the next installment.

-You used a lot of 3D view stuff in here that you nailed very well. Nice work turning 2D backgrounds into 3D ones.

-Humor was interjected really well. When there was too much yapping you added SOMETHING at the right moment to break it up and shove some emotion back into us.

-Fight scenes great albeit slightly below your average fight scenes of the past but still very great.

- I thought the Minus world idea was TOTALLY out of left field and not something I predicted at all. Which is great! I totally enjoyed the also very unexpected FIGHT SCENE in 2D with those custom sprites. I didn't think you'd have enough of them to pull it off. VERY NICE.

- I also LOVED how you used some Smash Brothers Brawl references in this one. Warios gaseous problems and Sonics air down-tilt attack on Mecha Sonic from what I took notice in. Also the sounds from Brawl I think were partly used in this?

- Very creative uses of the sprites you were given. I've tried making sprite movies and gave up due to lack of sprites for things I wanted. You worked your way around that very good.

I really can't remember everything off hand...I'd have to watch it again and I"m also running out of characters here. Overall Mr. Earthworm you did a pretty dandy job. I like the way this Flash reached 700 views before released from the portal LOL...

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Heres how you replay

I have CrapCleaner or CCleaner and just cleaned out my internet cache memory and I could replay as much as I'd like. You can also just delete your internet history through Tools > Clear Private Data and deleting the cookies that way.

Loved the originality but it can be easily gotten around.

Old School Stamper

Not too shabby. This was done over 8 years ago from our favorite Stamper. Pretty decent game. It has a lot of the beginnings of what we know and predict of Stamper. Gansta stuff & female nudity :)

I like looking at his old stuff and his new stuff and seeing how much the guys improved. Pretty decent game...I played through it 3 times to see all the possibilities I missed first two rounds. I don't usually play through more than once as my attention span wanes after the first.

Simple tweening here which kinda bothered me although this was made in the year 2000 and I give it much cushining from harsh criticisms like that. Pretty decent game. I'll give it an 8 of 10. (I guess the nudity helped it by half a star or so to be real)

Nice work.

Hey thanks!

You have a really great tutorial here. It looks really expertly done compared to some of the other tutorials I've been watching. Sounds, motions , content is all top notch when you made this. Really great job.

You helped me figure out why the hell my sounds don't work when I make Pause and Play Buttons (gotta set it to stream!) Also, was great for refreshing me in things I learned but haven't used yet.

Neo-13 responds:

Thanks for the review, I'm glad to have helped out with your problems.

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Very eerie

I love this one. This song sounds GREAT. I have to add this one to my favorites. It is eerie and cold. Almost sounds like background music to a baron winter desert land.

The only thing I didn't like which kind of disrupted the mood a little bit was at around 0:33 the bells or something become a little piercing for my ears. It's a little too high frequency for my taste.

Other than that you did a fantastic job of creating such a melancholy cold sorrowful song. I gave this a 5 and added it to my favorites. Have a good one :)

Hades responds:

Well, thanks a lot for the comments, I never actually noticed that the pitch of the bells you mentioned is too high since my headphones have a whole lot of bass, so it dulls the sound a bit. Also, I never thought about it as background music for an icy setting, I guess I was too concentrated on getting the feeling of the contest and depict the emotional side of it. I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for taking the time to review!


i am so glad that i didn't stop looking after your user page after i've read that you eventually want to collect sufficient tracks for a new CD and so it would last a long time till your audience will be capable of hearing anything new.
that is one hell of a good happy hardcore and d'n'b mix !
the beginning reminded me a bit of pendulum.. which song was that ?
further on perfectly high-speed and .. happy :3
still including the phenomenon of your songs being written in the unmistakeable zero-bass-style but remaining newly.
despite of me liking the "whole" song very much also, it was obviously a very good idea to submit the looping part also. proven with score difference.
finally you gathered all the instruments necessary to make a perfect song ^_^
i hope very much that you'll catch a good label. you have proven for years that you deserve it.
one the other hand, i hope you keep submitting tracks on newgrounds no matter what quality. they are all unbeatable.
regards, thanks (also for inspiration) and best wishes for future

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Thank you for the long and awesome review Oddler!

That track of Pendulum..you know while i created the song i didn't even noticed the similarity :D..yes the intro reminds of "Blood Sugar"

Thank you Oddler ;)

I swear this is an iPod commercial song haha

This song is one of those songs that stick in your ears for the rest of the day. I really liked the guitar, although it was a little repetitive. The drums were nice, liked them. Also, I liked the low sound parts of the song, mostly the one with 50 seconds in the song.

This kinda sounds like that one song from the old Apple iPod commercials....I think there is a small hint of The Vines (I think that was the bands name that did that old iPod commercial)

It's way too bad this is only a darn demo. It's received so many friggin' views sinced it launched a year and a half ago...really great job. I have a feeling this song won't be transformed into a real bonafied non-demo song though, lol. The only real complaint I have with this song is that it ends too soon, lol. Great work, man.

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