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Internet is being Remodelled & Destroyed in 2012

2008-04-05 12:47:27 by Oddler

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06/01/2008 - Every significant Internet provider around the globe is currently in talks with access and content providers to transform the internet into a television-like medium: no more freedom, you pay for a small commercial package of sites you can visit and you'll have to pay for seperate subscriptions for every site that's not in the package.

Almost all smaller websites/services will disappear over time and multinationals who are used to using big budgets to brute force their content into every media outlet will finally be able to approach the internet in the same way.

This well-known illustration of why we need net neutrality turns out to be very close to the truth at the bottom of this blog:

What can we do?

Internet providers have realized that the only way to not lose massive amounts of customers over this is to make sure there are no alternatives, that's why all major Internet providers are currently making agreements and planning to switch simultaneously somewhere in the year 2012. This is currently all going on under very strict NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements) because the last thing they want is the masses speaking out against it.

It's our responsibility to spread the word, use any sort of political or media contacts you may know. The more awareness there is, the more impossible it'll be for Internet providers to make this switch. Let's make sure that by 2012, ISP's won't even dare think about doing anything that goes against the principles of net neutrality.

More info...

Net neutrality has been a much debated issue for several years now and there have been many lawsuits in cases where an Internet provider blocked access to a certain competitor's site or simply crippled download speeds on services that they felt were using up too much of their bandwidth. But this new information that has now been confirmed by inside sources from major ISP's and content providers gives us a far bleaker vision of what the future of Internet freedom will look like if we don't take action in every way we can.

Why is this happening? The entire media and marketing industry is losing its grip on the upcoming generations of Internet-minded consumers. Statistics show that traditional media is losing popularity as the Internet continues to grow drastically every year. And the Internet is a completely different place: consumers aren't passive any more and advertisements don't have the same psychological effect they normally have on television. Internet users are very active and focused: they only go to the sites and services they want, and with an infinite amount of alternatives, users simply switch to something else if one service becomes too commercialized with annoying advertisements.With this in mind, it's no surprise that the past 6 years the industry has secretly been planning a 'take-over' to secure the Internet as a purely commercial playground.

Spread The Word

But there is hope... More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of net neutrality and now that we have uncovered what the industries have been plotting, it's not just about big corporations forming shady agreements, it's about what they will say to their users who will demand an explanation from their providers on what will happen to their access in 2012. As long as there are alternatives, we can pressure those providers who admit to being against net neutrality and favor those who take a stand and choose to give their users their freedom even after 2012. We can keep pushing for net neutrality laws and we can start spreading awareness on a massive scale to make sure that ISP's think twice before signing anything that'll go against the freedom that made the Internet into the important open medium that it is today.

It's our responsibility, spread the word and use any sort of political or media contacts you may know. Let's make sure that by 2012, ISP's won't even dare think about doing anything that goes against the principles of net neutrality.

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Internet is being Remodelled & Destroyed in 2012


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2008-04-13 20:16:32

What's Xenogears?


2008-04-13 22:18:36

I have no idea. maybe...
i dont know.


2008-04-14 07:23:52

Well we all lie. The fact is who doesn't lie? Who doesn't lust for more?


2008-04-14 08:47:37

i dont get wot the fuck you said to me


2008-04-14 09:24:55


Do you love me

Yes or No.


2008-04-14 11:40:09


Oddler responds:

Only if you have a power-leveler with you.


2008-04-14 12:58:39

mmmmmmmm, anime jill! :P


2008-04-14 17:29:31

Women. We men are rock-solid.


2008-04-14 18:34:59

lies more... women...
chat more... men


2008-04-14 20:17:25

uhhh......that does sound bad,I love the internet,I don't wanna lose it.......don't worry I don't have any virgin brand services so it's easy for me not to support them.


2008-04-15 03:32:34

i'm with you PROTEST PROTEST


2008-04-15 04:29:39

Wtf hardboyz1.
Thats exactly what you said to betty like, 3 months ago.
People are getting tired of copy and paste insults.

Oddler responds:

Yeah...thanks. I delete anything I suspect as copy and paste material and of course put them on ban.


2008-04-15 10:45:59

then the server provider will go with a different company.


2008-04-15 16:33:35

Wazz up?


2008-04-15 16:35:15

Did you know the internet is ALREADY not free?


2008-04-16 06:29:38

wow nice rant or whatever the internet wont be FREE?!?!!?!?!?!?!? screw that veto veto veto bomb bomb bomb...........


2008-04-17 11:52:35

we are fucked


2008-04-17 16:22:28

Tanya is hot.


2008-04-17 17:07:56

Let's hope not.


2008-04-17 21:54:11

Why haven't you replied to arushi's comment.

Arushi made a very well thought out comment.

I am arushi.

fuck you bitch


2008-04-17 23:11:16

Hey Oddler how on earth did you get a youtube video on here like this?


2008-04-18 01:48:36

That terrible, don't worry, I'll help spread the news

Oddler responds:

I'm recommending this post into the AWESOME COLLECTION.


2008-04-18 01:56:34

Didn't get it but the girl in the video has a nice breast, and the image is pretty cool too.. LOL hahah..


2008-04-18 13:32:37

virgin ruining the internet? BULLSHIT! im gonna fucking kill the CEO!


2008-04-18 17:39:20

Those greedy, powerhungry, coorporate magogs.
Something must be done. The internet has always been somewhere where
NO ONE has any power, where everyone is equal!
The internet has opened doors to the world the lies of which have never been opened before. The Internet has allowed people to reunite friends, family, and even find true love!
All VirginMedia are doing, is slamming those doors shut and throwing away the key! The freedom, the societies, this whole new world that was the internet. Not even Virgin Media have the power to stop it! No one will stnad for it! We shall Boycott them! I'll stop using their trains and planes, and even switch back to Dial-Up if have to! They will realize the power of the Individual! They will realise the POWER, the FREEDOM, THE AGE OF THE INTERNET!


2008-04-18 17:50:28

We have always been one large society. Alone, one person may not be able to do much, but together, united, we are strong. Virgin Media is but one company, but we are a thousand companies. We are every Man,women and Child who enjoy the internet for what it is. A place where there are no limits, no Boundaries! By taking away the power to explore this vast world, Virgin Media are going to make a much bigger, much more terrible impact than they could possibly foresee. Do any of you wan'tto have to pay more, merely for something you have already? The mere fact that the already money-soaked CEO of Virginmedia is looking for more profit shows his greed and his corruption!
Is a man, a company, a CULT like that really who we want to rule this wide new world?

Oddler responds:

I applaud your enthusiasm! Thanks for your excellent thoughts :) Fight the good fight.


2008-04-18 22:31:42

Yeah! I don't want internet to be unfree! I hate paying shit!! I vote for STOPPING VIRGIN!!


2008-04-18 22:32:53

I'll help you spread out the news with my friend, Blade-X9!


2008-04-18 22:38:09

Thank you so much for telling me about this.
I am supporting you in EVERY WAY man.
I will copy this,onto youtube channels,you know.
to spread it.
And put this on my userpage.


2008-04-18 23:23:48

crap and i wanted to get to level sixty :(


2008-04-18 23:24:21

ill help


2008-04-18 23:30:45

Have you tried to send this to Tom Fulp?

Oddler responds:

I should. I already sent it to Wades blog. I'm sure that guy is ready to go off on an office AK-47 killing spree at the Newgrounds office not sure if he'd be much help.


2008-04-18 23:47:19

People these days, all they care about is money money and money. I totally support STOPPING THIS! ( even though i don't use Virgin Media) but this is still retarded that they think they can do this.


2008-04-18 23:49:58

2 years later on NG...

Maximum submission size: 500kb


2008-04-19 00:12:34

Well, unless they can make everyone do this then don't get Virgin

Oddler responds:

Let's say if NO one reacts to them doing it...other internet service providers will immediately follow the trend. The foot needs to come down at the first sign of bullshit with this or else they feel they can do it without harm.


2008-04-19 01:09:04



2008-04-19 02:01:51

It's just like someone (I forgot who) said, "Taxation without representation is tyranny!"


2008-04-19 02:02:44

I left out that someone in the American Revolution said that.


2008-04-19 03:37:02

Try sending them PMs not just leaving it on their blogs


2008-04-19 04:02:08

That Tanya chick is a fucking babe and a half. Nice shirt shes wearing to.


2008-04-19 06:00:45

I agree with them! We have our own territory! I SAY DON'T DESTROY!!


2008-04-19 06:08:30

I want to speak it like I mean it as what rockstars say : FUCK YOU NEIL BERKETT!!! (PS: Correct if it's not his idea or it is his!!)


2008-04-19 06:10:56

If that is how the media will work, then I suggest all internet users shall defend it including us!!


2008-04-19 07:13:04

Good day to you Mister Oddler/


2008-04-19 09:11:32

Damn,we do need a bigger internet riot.
If all goes bad,then lets fuck that,
and just ignore internet once and for all.
Maybe then they will change it back.
But if they do make it pay,how will we make a bigger riot?


2008-04-19 09:53:59

I find it kind of ironic that you're openly spamming peoples pages while the top of this post says [I delete substanceless comments whos only purpose is to redirect me and you & advertise their site without contributing anything of value]. Lame.

It would be unfortunate if the internet became regulated and expensive, but these days, people spend way too much time online (facebook, myspace, etc.) so perhaps it would be alright. I dunno. I doubt it will happen.

Oddler responds:

First Paragraph: Life's a bitch ain't it?

Second Paragraph: Fail


2008-04-19 10:43:26

I wouldent say a few months. But years it may happen.


2008-04-19 12:02:30

u look like patrick lol


2008-04-19 12:15:25

Thanks for the comment, Virgin doesn't really bother me though. Eventually the internet will have to be paid for, data being sent around the planet should be charged to end users.

We'll see how it works in practice.

Oddler responds:



2008-04-19 17:26:33

Seriously? OK, that's bad... Guess I'll never use Virgin, then...